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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Part II on my new email pen pal...

So it looks like my new email buddy also has alzheimers because two hours after cussing me out, I get this email:

vpuzar: do u have ann im

Do I have IM? Do I have IM? Are you kidding me? Shall I give you my cell phone number and my home address too while we are at it?

This is just too much. I can't stop laughing.


Fast forward to Monday afternoon and now it seems I am on vpuzar's master mailing list for jokes and what nots. In looking at the email recipient list, I see the name of my friend's daughter (we'll call her Sally) and realize this guy is one of her friends and I have been communicating with a boy who most likely hasn't even hit puberty yet. Lovely. His parents should be so proud. I also realize vpuzar must have gotten my email address from one of the emails Sally sent me, so it is all coming together now.

So I sent Sally an email asking about this vpuzar and this is what I receive:

sally: Vince is mean so just block him and don't talk to him. love ya

Sorry sweetie. I just can't block him and forget it. I need to DO something about this little brat. I want to track down his parents and share his emails. I mean come on - once a bully always a bully and if you don't cut him off at his knees now - he is going to be a real wretch later on in life. Of course maybe his parents won't care, but I will feel better if I at least try to get him in trouble, especially if I know he is being a meanie to someone I love dearly.

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