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Monday, February 13, 2006

It's alive!

A couple of weeks ago I stupidly dropped my Treo 650 into a glass of water. It didn't seem to take too well to being submerged in liquid, so I decided to change things up and bought the Blackberry 8700. After only a couple of days, I realize I hate the Blackberry. Ok, maybe 'hate' is a harsh word - but where it excels (email communication) is not where I really needed it to excel right now (phone).

I thought I did my research, but alas, it seems I was so focused on finding a replacement to house my calendar, email, tasks and contact list that I forgot the device needed to have a good call quality too as that is my primary form of communication (yes, I know...I am so Web 1.0).

So, I call Cingular and they happily offer to sell me another Treo for $175 more than what I originally paid for it, or I could switch to a Razr for a fraction of the cost. Trying to save money, I opted for the Razr for $150 and two days later it is now in my hands. Slim, lightweight - it seems to be all that I need in a phone. So I start adding in my contacts. What a pain in the butt to do this manually. Would be easier if there was some kind of software that I could type it in versus through the handset. But such is life and it seems to be a great phone.

Fast forward to three days later. I decided to take a moment and give my Treo a proper burial as it had been such a big part of my life. Why I felt the need to put it all back together before the burial, who knows. What happens next simply blows me away. I screw the back on, turn it over - hit the power for old times sake and whalaa - my Treo is back online. CHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! He comes running down the hallway to find me bowled over laughing like a silly little girl in the middle of the kitchen grasping my Treo tightly to my chest.

A day later the Treo is working perfectly. Stumped, but estactic to have my buddy back, I call Cingular and tell them I wish to return the Razr. No need for two gadgets and I just saved myself from spending $150 when I didn't need to. Surprisingly enough - they tell me to just return it and they will credit my account for not only the Blackberry, but the Razr as well.

For all the problems I had with Cingular over the last 10 months - they have really shone brightly this month. So thank you Cingular - it seems you have dusted off your Customer Service manual and are making an effort to do right by your customers again.

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