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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Do I finish the 43 drafts?

Or do I delete them all and start anew today? That is the big question I have been pondering over the last two weeks.

I have found myself staring at these 43 blog posts several times lately, trying desperately to write the endings in my head, but the words have not been able to transfer through my fingertips.

I think the best option is to walk away from some of them (or at least leave them as drafts for now) as the heat of the moment has passed. Maybe it will hit again, maybe they will stay unfinished forever. Who knows. Others I will go ahead and plug away on as they are either so close to being done - or topics I feel I still need to get out of me...and it will happen, eventually.

So here we go. I am holed up in the house following knee surgery and Nurse Chris insists I take a couple days of quiet time. So I shall read. I shall write. I shall rest. Hopefully my batteries will be rejuiced and the writers block will be lifted.

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Blogger Debra said...


Hope you recover well from your surgery. (and get that PT going as soon as you can). If you're sitting around reading, have Nurse Chris pick you up a copy of a must read book:

Take Big Bites by Linda Ellerbee. Imagine sitting in home and travelling the world at the same time.

7:43 AM

Blogger Kristie Wells said...

Thanks Debra - I will have Chris keep his eyes out for it.

7:58 AM


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