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Friday, February 17, 2006

BrainJams Berkeley

It is amazing to think we are only one week away from our third BrainJams event. What I thought would be a one hit wonder has turned into something truly special, and I am blown away by the continued support we receive from the community. With their love, we are now ensured of a years worth of BrainJams with some truly emotional and inspirational ones coming down the pike.

The upcoming Berkeley event will be slightly old school as we pay homage to one of the founding fathers of the
Homebrew Computer Club, Lee Felsenstein. Lee will be co-facilitating with Chris, and they have concocted a few experiments for the attendees that should be fun for everyone involved.

We are also making great strides in building out the BrainJams community. Chris developed a Drupal site where everything can be stored and accessed easily. It is still be fleshed out and there is still so much more to add to it (anyone out there have mad skills in Drupal?), but it is a step in the right direction to ensure the knowledge shared at the BrainJams event(s) is accessible to everyone, and that anyone who wishes to host their own BrainJams has the tools to run a smooth show.

So I hope you will join us in the Lipman room on the U.C. Berkeley campus this coming Saturday (25th). Registration starts at 9am and we kick off the BrainJams unconference at 10am. We will have drinks, snacks, and a catered lunch – all compliments of our wonderful patrons – UCB Office of the CIO, Lockergnome, Gada.be, RateItAll, and Laughing Squid.

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