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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day muffin

I love you for being you – the other half of me.

How do I know you are the other half of me? Here are some examples:

  • We both have ‘Chris’ at the root of our names – Christopher and Christy (legal spelling until I changed it in 7th grade – yes, I was ahead of my time)
  • You have a cat named Ele, I had a cat named Ellie.
  • We owned the same exact set of silverware, so blending our houses was seamless as you know how much I like matching stuff. :)
  • We both own maroon vehicles.
  • We both loooooooooooove Dave Matthews.
  • You like buying me jewelry – I like wearing it. (hint hint)
  • Neither one of us are Nascar fans.
  • We both wear glasses - though mine is more optional these days.
  • We both have the same sense of home design. Well, we do now that you have seen things my way. :)
  • You like to cook, I like to eat.
  • You like to make messes, I like to clean. Or rather, I like things clean.
  • Neither one of us has been to Italy and it is in the #1 position on both of our travel lists.

So these are just a small sampling of my silly little ditties, but a simple way to show you are the yin to my yang. Oh wait, am I supposed to be the yin? Crap. I forgot. Anyway. I love you. With all my heart. Happy Valentines Day muffin.

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Blogger Chris Heuer said...

there are too many other great coinkidinks to mention them all, but the fact that you were living in 94404 while I was living in 94044 and we now live in 94114 is pretty interesting.

but the most important piece is that I just love you... honey.

5:23 PM


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