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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Yin that is Kristie, the Yang that is Chris

Do you ever have one of those moments when you look over at your partner and wonder who the heck s/he is? No? Hmmmm. Well, I had one of those moments Monday night and I will tell you it was very bizarre.

I have spent the last two and a half glorious years getting to know my consort, and Monday night he snuck something into our conversation that made me wonder who the heck I had been talking to the whole time. Ok, it isn't really that dramatic, but did take me back a bit.

I guess I should explain what happened...

The last two weeks have been super crazy. We are trying to define and plan the future of BrainJams. We have had a friend staying with us. My work has been crazy busy. Chris has 30 fires in the kitchen (though nothing unusual there). Then you add planning a destination wedding into the mix. Good Lord - it is enough to drive anyone mad. Anyway, we really needed to nail the location of this 'thing' down as I am quickly learning - 07/07/07 is the most popular date to get married in 2007. Goes along the lines of 02/02/02 and 04/04/04. Doesn't matter we should automatically have preferential treatment as we have a special story behind the date - other brides are chomping on the bit and snatching up all the great locations

So, Chris and I settle down for a bit and start talking specifics for our big day. We have pretty much narrowed it down to two locations (St. Martin and Key West), we just needed to figure out which one would give us the wedding we both would be happy with.

He suggested we each state what is important to us specifically and see if there are similarities. Here is what we came up with:

  • Medium sized beach wedding (less than 50 people) at sunset
  • Close friends and family only
  • I am barefoot in a tankdress (similar to Cindy Crawford - and of course I have her body to go with it).
  • The place would allow children
  • Pig roast and kegger for the reception
  • Medium to large 'affair' (100-150 people) at sunset (basically open door policy - whoever wants to come, can)
  • He is in a tuxedo - I am in something fabulous
  • His grandpa is there (he does not fly)
  • Five star restaurant caters the reception
Hmmm....we seem to have a small problem here which actually catches me off guard as ever since Chris proposed we have always talked about a beach wedding. Or wait, was it always ME speaking about a beach wedding? Crap. We need to get a happy medium here. But a tux? Where did that come from? Who is this person in front me and what did you do with my boy who likes wearing baseball caps and jeans?

He then says to me he only wants to get married once (awwww), so he wants this 'party' to be special and completely different than anything we have ever done. Ok, so I can forego the pig (for now). Besides, we can always do the casual thing for the rehearsal dinner. Chris says he loves the idea of a beach wedding - let's just make the reception a little more formal. Ok, I say...but I refuse to wear taffeta.

After thinking about it a bit, I ask if he really wants to wear a tux for an outdoor wedding in July? If we get married in Key West, there will be this little thing called humidity to contend with. I would imagine the same goes for St. Martin.

He looks over at me slightly dejected, but his eyes are full of love and he agrees a tux may not be the right attire for a summer beach wedding. I quickly add, 'you can always wear a linen suit on the beach and change into a tux for the reception'...oh I am good aren't I?

Anyway, I don't think we came to a final decision about his attire, but we are well on our way about the detail stuff which pleases me. The wedding is over 14 months away, but ever the organizer, I want 80% of it done before May 1st, 2006.

Cindy Crawford photo credit: USA Today
Tuxedo shirt photo credit:

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Blogger Lin said...

Kristie, this posting cracked me up. I am still laughing. If you had read what each of you wanted and asked anyone to choose who said what, I can almost guarantee the answers would have been wrong.


9:34 PM

Blogger Kristie Wells said...

Yeah - I am so not the typical girl.

Not sure whether to say 'Poor Chris' or 'Lucky Chris'. :)

9:31 AM


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