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Thursday, May 11, 2006

I really am what you need. Really.

I had an interesting conversation last Friday that has been running over and over again in my mind lately. The conversation was between me and a little something known as a 'potential employer'. Well, ok. It wasn't really a conversation, it was a phone interview.

Before we left for New Orleans, I was chatting with a friend of mine who directed me towards a startup closing in on the launch of their new product who was in need of a Community / Marketing Manager. Ok, I thought. Let me take a lookie.

I kicked the tires a bit and saw the fella behind it has some professional chops to speak about. Ok. That is cool. This should not be a fly by night gig. I then spoke with a couple of other friends about the company and each one's eyes lit up, with all feeling this would be the next best thing next to sliced bread. Ok. That makes me feel good. I want to be associated with cool technology that has a positive effect on the world. And then I read the job description. Crickey. Could it really be? Had I really found the position I was born to fill? Was there really an organization out there willing to pay me to promote my belief system? With goose bumps up and down my arm...I emailed my resume.

48 hours later I had completed their written interview and it seemed I had passed the first hurdle as we were now setting up a phone interview. I was excited. Trying to play it cool of course, but I really wanted this role.

So now comes Friday. I was ready. I knew what I wanted to do with the position. I knew what the position needed me to do to make an impact on the community and bring awareness around the product, while keeping the reputation of everyone involved intact. Bring it on and let me run with it. Or so I thought...

During the interview we spent a lot of time discussing what BrainJams is and what role I play with the organization - maybe there was some concern about how much time I devote to this organization or maybe it was sheer curiosity. Who knows. We finally got to the meaty part of the interview and then came all the targeted questions; what would you do with this position? How would you get the word out? What are the new things you can bring to the table?

20 minutes later the interview winds down and I learn even though I had one of the best written interviews he has seen, I do not fit what he is looking for. Really? How is the written part and the oral part so different? Were you actually listening to me? How could I not be a perfect fit I think to myself?

With curiosity getting the better of me - I ask him why.

Well he wants 'something new'. Something out of the box. Funny, I thought I was. After I thought about it a bit, it seems to me that he was looking for a 'Tim Draper', and honestly, Tim Draper I am not. I was not placed on this planet to come up with the next big thing in viral marketing. In fact, I do not know anyone who was, and I do know some pretty kick ass marketing people. Besides, I still think there are a lot of 'old' things that are great - hello, has anyone ever heard of
common sense marketing? Why does it need to have a new name associated with it or a new gimmick attached to it? Why can't it just be? Things happen and as long as you put yourself out there with a solid reputation and a background of building companies based on ethical marketing - the community will embrace you. No, it won't happen overnight, but have we all forgotten that good things take time? Sheesh.

I know, I know. Settle down Kristie. He can hire whoever he wants, and he will when he feels he has found 'the one'. Maybe I am totally blind and I really wasn't right
for this position, but it seemed to match my skills, my experience and my desire pretty perfectly.

Well, in the meantime it looks like it is back to the couch and the Tivo box I go, while I chomp on bon bons and try to decide what color to paint my toes next. Just kidding. Chris has a million things for us to do, and its only just begun, so I guess it was good I didn't get the job (for now). And, I can live with my toes staying pink for a while...

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