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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Buy. Sell. Rate.

Whenever I needed to buy or sell something online, eBay was my go to marketplace. Sure it cost a bit for the 'convenience' of using their system, but the fact that I could see the sellers / buyers reputation as deemed by other buyers and sellers was a big plus for me.

Now there is another viable option. I can buy or sell items through Craigslist, (they don't charge listing fees) and then rate the buyer/seller on Rapleaf. Rapleaf launched earlier this month and promotes the idea of building a world where it is '
more profitable to be ethical'.

For those who know me, you know this is the core of all I am. Reputation.

I am excited to test them out as I have a slew of items I need to sell and will be posting to Craigslist shortly.

Rapleaf also allows you to post feedback on friends, family and other business associates - though I will admit this part is a little weird for me as I am used to having a transaction to tie it back into. But I will give it a shot as I believe in building a better world through reputation, and people need to realize we will hold them
accountable for their actions - good or bad.

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