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Monday, May 15, 2006

Welcome to my hell...

What you see in this photo is the next five weeks of pure hell for Chris and Kristie (aka: The Nutrisystem weight loss program).

It was time to get serious. I realized it was already May and I had tried three times so far in 2006 to jumpstart some kind of diet and exercise program to no avail. It seemed there was always some party or event we would go to and eat or drink whatever we want and then could not get back on track. But no more.

Serious money has now been invested and all the cupboards have been cleaned out of the goodies. We are going back to the basics. That's right...dehydrated food that needs absolutely no refrigeration. Say it with me people...yummy. Ok, ok - it is not too bad as we are to supplement the dead food with lots of fruits and veggies which helped ease us into the program.

And I will admit, after four days I feel pretty good. We have not cheated once and I am down four pounds with Chris being down six. Of course, this is probably all water weight, but I will take any downward movement on the scale as a sign of success.

Now only four and a half weeks to go...

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