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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

NOLA gearing up for second BrainJams event

Plans are in motion for the next BrainJams event in New Orleans (coming in early June) and I am truly excited as this next event puts the feedback we received from the one we held on May 4th, straight into action.

The good folks who attended at the first one decided to launch a new program in New Orleans that focuses on helping one small business per month get up (or back up) and running by using the social media tools available today. Lofty goals, but we have an amazing group of kind hearted souls in NOLA who are willing to donate their time and their mad skills to ensure this happens.

We are looking at two businesses right now for the month of June, one has a website but could use a little marketing help to expand their reach and garner more awareness around their business. The other works on the phone and the phone only, so that will be interesting to see how they acclimate to the new technolgies out there.

The BrainJams event will be small and different from those we have held in the Bay Area as this one is focused solely on what the people in the room can do to help these two businesses. Chris and I will not be able to attend this one due to engagements we have in California, but if you are in the area and would like to lend a hand - please contact me or Chris Schultz for details. Also, if you know a business in New Orleans that could use a helping 'technology' hand, please let us know and we will pass that on to the NOLA team.

We will release a case study on the business(es) we help covering what they started out with, what we were able to provide and who participated on the project. This will be available on the BrainJams website after the event so keep watch there as sure to be some good things comnig down the pipeline.

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