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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The wedding saga continues...

And of course, all my original plans were ruined as I fell in love with the most amazing man...

Several folks have asked recently what the status is on the location for our wedding. I am truly embarrassed to admit we are no further ahead in the planning than we were 30 days ago. Here I thought I was being sly by turning that decision over to my consort, but he was even more sly and found a way to put it back in my lap. Bugger me. How in the world did I let that happen?

Sadly, nothing has really grabbed either of us. Well, ok that is not 100% true. I have found some places we both love, but they would either cost our friends $5k each to get there or they would cost us $75k to keep it local and host the San Francisco wedding of our dreams and I refuse to spend that kind of money (that casual pig roast is looking real good right now isn't it honey!). ;)

Part of the problem is the date as it seems we have picked the most popular day in 2007 to strap on the old ball and chain. None of the local 'afforable' venues I love are available anymore as some girls locked in these locales and were willing to wait two years just to get married on this day. The venues that are still available want site fees crazier than the Southernmost House and they know some wacky bride-to-be will pay the money to have it there so they will not budge on the price. Not me buddy. I'll get married in Tijuana before I hand you $20k just for the pleasure of having my wedding on your vineyard.

So Chris and I bounced the idea of changing the date and both agreed we needed to keep it as 07/07/07 for so many sentimental reasons. Makes life a little harder with regards to planning, but this is what we want so we decided to stick with it.

Then back to the drawing board we go. I am still looking in the Caribbean with St. Martin, The Grenedines, Belize, and Cancun at the top of the list as all places carry an affordable price tag for our guests and have the beach ceremony part covered. The only thing I need is to find the right location for the reception which we would like a little more upscale. Hard to believe, but us spending more money in the Caribbean does not always mean getting the food or the decorations we want for the reception. ARGH!

I have also found a location in Monterrey (California) that might work. I love the idea of keeping it local, but scared of what that will do to our pocketbook, so Chris and I are headed down in two weeks to check out the locale and hopefully we can work a deal. They seem pretty agreeable to play with the numbers and it sure would make my life easier, ensuring we could get the decorations and swanky feel we want. Could mean a smaller party list, but would allow most of the folks we would like to come to be able to get there easily (except grandpa, but that is a different story).

So, either way wish us luck. We will keep everyone posted and as soon as something is locked in - you will know.

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Blogger Lin said...

Good luck, you two!

8:37 AM

Blogger Kristie Wells said...

Thanks Lin. At this point in the game, luck is all I have left... :)

9:33 PM


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