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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

BrainJams presents: Rent an Expert

Do you consider yourself a 'Subject Matter Expert' with mad skills you would like to share with the world? Are you a 'Knowledge Seeker' with a burning desire pulsing through your body to learn something new? How about a 'Social Butterfly' who just need something to do the night of Thursday, June 15th?

Then say hello to 'Rent an Expert', the event providing you a forum in which you can do all - or - just part of the above. The idea is 'Knowledge Seekers' will pay a small pittance* to the 'Subject Matter Experts' who will then share their expertise and help teach you something new. And in true open space style, the topics will be determined by the participants, but some examples could be:
  • how to setup a blog
  • how to get the most from shortcuts in Photoshop
  • configure a Drupal community
  • redesign a Web site
  • customize a WordPress theme
  • create a survey
  • optimize AdSense ads
  • figure out tagging
  • how to shoot better photographs
  • how to write a press release
The event is co-sponsored by BrainJams and MindJet with soft drinks and some what nots there for you to chew on. We are still seeking a location and additional sponsors, but take the big step to lock in the date and register right now on the BrainJams wiki. The event is also on Upcoming.org, but registering on the BrainJams wiki is the preferred route to take, especially as you can let us know if you are looking to share knowledge or gain more mad skills.

*All the money collected will be donated to a charity that is chosen that night by all participants.

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