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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Squidlist gets a face lift

I love the Squid list as it keeps me up to date with some really fun, though sometimes quirky, events around the Bay Area. Sure I still use Upcoming.org, but Upcoming to me is more for business events and concert information. The Squid list allows me to see into the cultural side of the Bay Area.

The one thing I never liked about the Squid list was the 50+ emails I would get weekly as each event carried it own notice. But Scott has answered my prayers (albeit silent ones) and restructured the way he communicates the email announcements to combine all listings into one daily synopsis. This is fabulous! I can scan the list easily and I don't have to sift through 50 emails to find what I want. Oh happy day! Talk about a major improvement. Thank you!

And in case you were curious what the new list looks like, here is the update I received today:

Upcoming Events on the Squid List
Airplane! The Movie - A Burning Man Theme Camp Fundraiser - 07/15/2006
BrainJams - Rent an Expert - 07/19/2006 (our little event - make sure you sign up!)
Burning Man Desert Art Preview - 07/12/2006
Godfellas-The San Francisco Mime Troupe - 07/15/2006
Jazz Singer Miss Henry Wig with Michael Parsons Trio - 07/15/2006
John Rendon at The Long Now - 07/14/2006
N.O.I.C. Night of Irreverent Cinema - 07/12/2006
NextArts Presents: 'The Sock It To Me Concert' - 07/15/2006
Screenprint Poster Art: New Work from the SF Print Collective - 07/15/2006
YBCA's Opening Night Party for Cosmic Wonder and Sampling Oakland - 07/14/2006

Upcoming Multiple Date Events (Click to View All Dates):
Crucible's 6th Annual Fire Arts Festival
Shakespeare in the Park: The Tempest

You can browse all 50 upcoming events or sign up to receive automatic announcements at

Congrats again Scott. It really is a wonderful enhancement.

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Anonymous Scott Beale said...

Thanks for the great feedback!

5:40 PM


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