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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Doing my snow dance...

Didn't do one last year, and well..let's just say it was a brutally short ski season.

So I have my dancing shoes on and warming up to a little James Brown...

"I feel good"
  • I feel good as it is August 21st and we have a ski haus locked in this season (30 days earlier than last year).
  • I feel good as this house kicks supreme ass (4/3, 2 loft areas for extra beds, 2c garage, gourmet kitchen, hot tub, good location, etc.). More photos.
  • I feel good as we have a solid group going in with us, that I truly adore (could use one more member).
  • I feel good as it is reasonably priced so I don't have to stop my weekly pedicures.
  • I feel good as the landlord and I have clicked - like, she could have been my mom in a former life and there are way more similarities between my family and theirs than I think possible.
  • I feel good that I think we finally found a home that we can come back to - year after year, meaning I never have to look for another ski haus again (well, until we are ready to buy our own).
Yes, folks. I feel good. Now all we need is snow.