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Friday, March 31, 2006

Zoe is going to design my dress

So the location of our shin dig or ceremony/reception for all you old school types, is not the only thorn in my ass right now - it is also 'what the heck am I going to wear'?

I have purchased several bridal magazines now and nothing stands out as
that is so Kristie. There are a couple I like, but it seems I like pieces of them - not the whole emsemble. How wacky am I?

Anyway, I was ranting about this to my buddy Zoe who happens to be a fashion designing maven and if I cannot find a store bought number that makes me go 'wow', she has agreed to make my dress. Yahoo! She has a true gift and one of her designs is almost exactly what I was looking for (the mustard colored one). I most likely would not keep the color, but I love the style and I love the uniqueness of it all so I am breathing a huge sigh of relief that one hurdle has been addressed.

Photo credit: Zoe Hong

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Let the craziness begin.

I swore to myself I would not let this happen. I am a cool headed kind of girl. I don't need all that fluff. I can do without all this she says as she stands at the checkout line and feasts her eyes on the plethera of wedding magazines.

Oh, come on - a couple of them won't hurt, will they?

$12 later, I am now the proud owner of two wedding magazines. I am sorry baby, I couldn't help it. I guess I am a girl after all.

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Wow. Target kicks it up a notch. Or three.

Target realized years ago they could not compete with the likes of Walmart, so they opted to go middle ground and in my eyes have been really successful in that market. They are definitely my store of choice whether for shampoo, socks, plants, laundry detergent, or even cat food. They have provided a nice clean environment to shop where I, the consumer, feel I am still getting a good deal without sacrificing quality.

Over the last three months, the
Target stores in my local area have been going through a major transformation. They are updating terminals, reorganizing shelves and have been bringing in some really cool, upscale looking merchandise (i.e. clothes, jewelry, and furniture). The new stock is so groovy that I now find myself walking up and down every aisle just to see what has come in.

Then I open my mail today and see their new catalogue. Target has a catalogue? Why yes, yes they do - 59 fashion filled pages, all on high gloss thick paper, complete with a mini 'credit card' coupon for $10 off to get me back into their store (like I really needed a reason). This is a big money production. The catalogue also has a strangely familiar feel which makes me think their Marketing person is fresh from
Macy's camp. But you know what? It got my attention so it was worth every penny they spent as here I am blogging about it.

So, kudos to Target. I don't know what your long term strategy is, but keep doing what you are doing as I likey very much.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Yin that is Kristie, the Yang that is Chris

Do you ever have one of those moments when you look over at your partner and wonder who the heck s/he is? No? Hmmmm. Well, I had one of those moments Monday night and I will tell you it was very bizarre.

I have spent the last two and a half glorious years getting to know my consort, and Monday night he snuck something into our conversation that made me wonder who the heck I had been talking to the whole time. Ok, it isn't really that dramatic, but did take me back a bit.

I guess I should explain what happened...

The last two weeks have been super crazy. We are trying to define and plan the future of BrainJams. We have had a friend staying with us. My work has been crazy busy. Chris has 30 fires in the kitchen (though nothing unusual there). Then you add planning a destination wedding into the mix. Good Lord - it is enough to drive anyone mad. Anyway, we really needed to nail the location of this 'thing' down as I am quickly learning - 07/07/07 is the most popular date to get married in 2007. Goes along the lines of 02/02/02 and 04/04/04. Doesn't matter we should automatically have preferential treatment as we have a special story behind the date - other brides are chomping on the bit and snatching up all the great locations

So, Chris and I settle down for a bit and start talking specifics for our big day. We have pretty much narrowed it down to two locations (St. Martin and Key West), we just needed to figure out which one would give us the wedding we both would be happy with.

He suggested we each state what is important to us specifically and see if there are similarities. Here is what we came up with:

  • Medium sized beach wedding (less than 50 people) at sunset
  • Close friends and family only
  • I am barefoot in a tankdress (similar to Cindy Crawford - and of course I have her body to go with it).
  • The place would allow children
  • Pig roast and kegger for the reception
  • Medium to large 'affair' (100-150 people) at sunset (basically open door policy - whoever wants to come, can)
  • He is in a tuxedo - I am in something fabulous
  • His grandpa is there (he does not fly)
  • Five star restaurant caters the reception
Hmmm....we seem to have a small problem here which actually catches me off guard as ever since Chris proposed we have always talked about a beach wedding. Or wait, was it always ME speaking about a beach wedding? Crap. We need to get a happy medium here. But a tux? Where did that come from? Who is this person in front me and what did you do with my boy who likes wearing baseball caps and jeans?

He then says to me he only wants to get married once (awwww), so he wants this 'party' to be special and completely different than anything we have ever done. Ok, so I can forego the pig (for now). Besides, we can always do the casual thing for the rehearsal dinner. Chris says he loves the idea of a beach wedding - let's just make the reception a little more formal. Ok, I say...but I refuse to wear taffeta.

After thinking about it a bit, I ask if he really wants to wear a tux for an outdoor wedding in July? If we get married in Key West, there will be this little thing called humidity to contend with. I would imagine the same goes for St. Martin.

He looks over at me slightly dejected, but his eyes are full of love and he agrees a tux may not be the right attire for a summer beach wedding. I quickly add, 'you can always wear a linen suit on the beach and change into a tux for the reception'...oh I am good aren't I?

Anyway, I don't think we came to a final decision about his attire, but we are well on our way about the detail stuff which pleases me. The wedding is over 14 months away, but ever the organizer, I want 80% of it done before May 1st, 2006.

Cindy Crawford photo credit: USA Today
Tuxedo shirt photo credit:

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Drupal anyone?

So with our little discussion about BrainJams the other night came the realization the website my consort created was not going to suffice wholly going forward. While I think he did a mighty fine job, we needed something the people could log into easily to add/manage events, connect with one another, launch press releases from, etc.

What I am told we need, is a new community site built on Drupal.

On what my non-techie friends say? Exactly. I am told Drupal is a content management platform and after a little chat with Will last week - this seems like the best 'tool' to use, but I am sitting here looking at a site that needs updating and don't have any friggin idea on what to do or where to start. I am playing with the pages, but last thing I need to do is fuck everything up, which as a non-technie, is highly probable.

I could really use some help getting ramped up here, as I don't want my boy to do it all himself (well, he can't). So, if anyone out there in never never land knows a little about Drupal and wants to help out a good cause - reach out and touch me. I would really appreciate it.


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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

BrainJams - expanding our reach

Following the BrainJams Berkeley event, Chris and I realized the tides were shifting so we needed to take a step back and figure out if we wanted to keep BrainJams 'as is', or invest more time and effort into the organization to expand it into something so much more.

We both have so much going on personally and professionally that we needed to discuss long term goals for us as a couple, the BrainJams community, and what we wish to do outside of the BrainJams community - coming to an agreement we both would be happy with. YAHOO! I think we are finally there.

It was an interesting process to go through as deep down inside, we both felt the same way, we just had different ways at coming to the same answer. The organization has to morph. BrainJams has been good at getting a diverse group of people together to share and learn,
and we will continue to hold these type of events with several coming up in New Orleans, SF, and possibly New York and/or DC over the next couple of months. But there is definitely a larger need that is not currently being met and I think we can step into that spot with just a little tweaking of our mission statement.

I won't get into all the details now, but we are putting together a little planning dinner in SF to discuss the 'vision'. The main focus will be on what needs to be done to build out the community (both technically and personally/building awareness), so anyone wishing to join us should simply shoot me an email at kristiewells [at] gmail [dot] com and I will provide details once we nail it down.

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Guess it is not too late to start TODAY

I cannot believe it is already March 21st. This sounds rather cliche(ish), but it really does seem like it was yesterday that I was sitting in the Tahoe cabin writing my blog post about how good I was going to be to my body in 2006. 79 days later...I am actually six pounds heavier and, I am not able to ski as my knees are killing me. WTF? If I keep going at this rate - I will be 300 pounds by October.

I know I have to lose weight - I cannot stay this way any longer - but I don't know why is it so hard to get back into a program. I used to love working out, running, biking, swimming, etc. - now I dread going to the gym. Somehow I let the last three months go by without holding myself accountable. Eek gad.

The ironic bit on this is last week I bought a bag of Dove bites and as I popped the first one in my mouth, I read the message on the inside of the wrapper. Gulp. 'Keep the promises you make to yourself.' Guess that means I should spit out the piece of dark chocolate that is melting perfectly inside my mouth. Well, no - don't be crazy. One piece of chocolate won't hurt me she says, right? Well of course not - it is the bag of chocolates she has in her hands she should throw away as she thinks about the six pounds she has gained since January 1st. :/

So today is the day. Sure, I should have been down 25 pounds by now - but I am not. I need to quit kicking myself and start anew. I need to put the bag of chocolates down and think how that will affect me long term. I need to refrain from cracking that bottle of wine every night with dinner or having that second (or fourth) beer when we are out playing with friends. Little 'sacrifices' should be able to be made without feeling like I am shutting myself off from the world.

I also need to find more time for me. Sure, I can easily find the one hour every Tuesday night when American Idol is on, but I need to find more - and I need to always watch American Idol via Tivo so that hour commitment is actually only 30 minutes which leaves me time for situps. The world will not stop rotating if I decide to dedicate time to exercise every. In fact, the world might be a better place as there will be more food and wine to share with others. :)

So this is it. My body is my temple and my temple is crumbling. Need to get to work to make sure we don't lose the foundation.

time is the charm.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

How to make a grown woman cry with two words.

Bikini wax.

Oh wait, got another one... Swimsuit season.

Guess I could ease my pain with these three words Sona Med Spa or even these three 24 Hour Fitness.

Photo credit: Carver Doug

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Friday, March 17, 2006

You want how much to rent the island?

Photo credit: Elite Islands Resort

I knew there was a reason we had stalled picking a date and this is definitely it. Finding a location for our upcoming nuptials has quickly become a royal pain in my arse. :/

From the git go, my consort and I both said we wanted a casual beach wedding. That was easy. Both of us barefoot, me in a tank dress and him in a linen shirt and pants (or shorts), a quick ceremony (I mean, really, how long does it take to say I love you?), slap the rings on, then we would party. Would be great to have a huge BBQ of local favorites (lobster, crab, conch) and then dance the night away to live calypso and a DJ with some of our favorite tunes. God that puts a smile on my face. And it 'was' a perfect plan.

That is...until we tried to find THE location. Part of our problem is we would like it to be a fun destination spot for us and our friends. Most of them will be making a vacation out of this trip and If they are going to spend money to see us tie on the old ball and chain, they should be surrounded by fabulousness.

We thought we had gotten through the first hurdle and settled in on four locations; California (Big Sur or Napa), Florida Keys, Italy or Greece. I mentioned the reasons for these locations before so I won't go into it again - but we were quickly able to knock California off the list as Big Sur's weather is too unpredictable for me and my tank dress, and the wineries we were looking at (Gloria Ferrer, Chimney Rock and Viansa) are already booked. Damn those other brides work fast. Guess I better pull an Emeril and kick it up a notch. I know it wasn't the beach setting we really wanted, but it would have been nice to keep it local and I think we could have forced ourselves to have a good time in the valley. :)

Italy and Greece were quickly marked off the list as we realized we would be traveling during high season and it made the average trip $4,000 per person (for seven days). It was alright for us as it is our wedding, but I really felt guilty asking people to spend this. I know some of my friends would have coughed up the dough no matter what - but this day should not be about creating hardships for those close to us. Besides, one week is not really enough time to enjoy the beauty of Italy or Greece, so Chris and I will save that destination for either our honeymoon or another time.

We now have the Florida Keys. I have never been, but Chris and others tell me it is a mini Caribbean and a fun place to be for a couple of days. Ok, I think. We will turn our 'wedding week' into a 'wedding three day weekend' and party it up Florida style. Trouble is, the only place I found I like wants something like $128,000 to rent their island. Seems our party is too big (we have 47 confirmed as of today with another 15 highly possible) to just rent a couple of rooms - they have asked us to take over the whole place. Wouldn't be so bad if this was the weekly rate - but this is for three days only. Yikes.

Chris has several friends in Miami who are looking for alternate spots, so the Keys are not completely out of the picture, but I figured I had better start looking elsewhere.

So on to the Caribbean we go. I like the hassle free style, so all-inclusive resorts were at the top of my list. My buddy Jenn did this recently when she and her Chris got married in Jamaica and it was great not to worry about your wallet for a week. Trouble is, I don't want to get married in Jamaica (been there twice now and ready for new territory) and most of the other places we have found that make us go 'ohhh ahhh' will require our buddies to pull out a mortgage or siphon from their 401k to pay for it.

There has to be a happy medium.

Oh wait - there is. Enter Tortola, St. Martin, Barbados
, Turks & Caicos, and the Dominican Republic. All reasonable - all stunning in their own white sandy beach and teal colored ocean ways. Now to just nail Chris down for a few minutes to see if any grab him. I love the Turks & Caicos place and we can rent that entire resort without costing us an arm or a leg. Tortola isn't too bad either so that has definite possibilities. Yeah - there is hope. Vegas is not going to be the only option after all. Yahoo!

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Thank you BrideAudit

This is so funny. From their website:

"We at Going Bridal have often read laments from brides who were stiffed by guests on their special day. This pain is compounded by the fact that, often, the brides did EVERYTHING just right, even taking out loans to finance lavish parties they could not have afforded otherwise.

Enter BrideAudit™! Answer a few simple questions and we'll analyze the assets of your guests, decide their appropriate level of giving, and provide you with invoices that you can include in your invitations.

We use a top-secret formula which combines factors such as:

  1. how much money you're spending on the wedding
  2. your own generosity
  3. your resentfulness
  4. your expectations
to arrive at the magic number we call your Entitlement Factor™. After that, it's a simple matter of combining your Entitlement Factor with the financial status and character flaws of each guest, to arrive at the Minimum Suggested Gift (MSG). The MSG can be doubled or tripled to allow for additional family members."

I love this. But as a special note to my friends - do not worry about taking the test. You aklready know I have expensive taste. ;) xoxoxoxo

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Haiku for me.

My consort always makes me smile. Just one of his many gifts.

He recently commented on another posting of mine and left me this sweet haiku and I just wanted to share. Ok, to gloat really. I have it good. I know it.

The flat's cold and damp.
Absent its warmth and feminine soul,
Empty without you.

I have an amazing man in my life. I am a lucky girl.

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Friday, March 10, 2006

'Snot' is also a four letter word.

10 months of intense therapy and it looks like my sinuses are finally getting a clear bill of health.

Thank goodness. I don't know if I could have taken any more sinus flushings, pokes, prods, and antibiotics. And please never let me get personal with that microscope thingy again. Oh Lord that thing is awful.

Anyway, this photo is what I looked like back in May 2005 when all the drama started (following a stupid excursion into the pool when I was in the middle of a sinus infection). Ok, so I am not the sharpest tool in the shed...

There are a couple more before and after photos (cat scans) available, and it does seem the doctors have finally been able to accomplish what seemed to be near impossible. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Let the breathing begin.

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Alert the media - we set a wedding date!

Photo by: Chris Heuer

The formula for a happy marriage? It's the same as the one for living in California: when you find a fault, don't dwell on it”, by Jay Trachman

07/07/07. Has a nice ring to it don’t you think?

Well, mark that date on your calendars as Chris and I have finally nailed down a date to seal the deal on this little relationship of ours. That’s right – we are going to tie the knot. Take the plunge. Strap on the old ball and chain. Then we are going to live happily ever after. My daddy says so. And daddy never lies.

We did take our time selecting the date as there are a million things going on this year (launching non-profit, working on several large consulting gigs, etc.) and neither one of us wanted to add the stress of planning a wedding in 2006. Besides, at my age, I am long past the rush to get to the alter before all my friends, and I can no longer hit those milestones we thought up while still in high school (i.e. married at 32, first baby at 34, second baby at 36, plastic surgeon’s office at 39 to get pre-baby body back). I am just happy ‘being’ with someone who is crazy enough to love my old bones…creaks and all…and it was simply icing on the cake that he wants to make it official.

So back to the date. 07/07/07. It was one of those dates we threw around a bit trying to see if it stuck when a revelation happened that made us both realize no other date would suffice. When Chris proposed to me, he presented his grandma’s ring that she had worn for over 53 years before she passed away. Their marriage was one full of love and respect, and his grandfather continues to honor her memory to this day (it gets me all warm and fuzzy when I hear him talk about her).

I have been wearing her ring proudly for three months now, but it was Chris who noticed her wedding band consists of two rows of seven diamonds and quickly linked it to a date. 7 over 7. 07/07. Hmmm. Just goes to show he is either an expert at pattern recognition – or I have just confirmed I have really bad observation skills. Add to this the date 07/07/07 falls on a Saturday – so it all seems to be fitting here. Perfectly. Just like the ring did.

Now all we need to do is pick a location which is actually a lot harder than the date itself. I am a West Coast girl. Chris hails from the East. The easy part is we both love the idea of a beach wedding, but know it cannot be in San Francisco as the weather is not predictable. We have discussed Big Sur/Napa to appease my family – The Florida keys for his. I hinted at eloping in a previous post, but maybe we just get off the continent and head to Santorini, Greece instead as it would give us the beach element, an amazing honeymoon and a great vacation spot for our friends all wrapped into one. Who knows. Guess we need to crack a couple more bottles of wine and give it some real thought. I know there will be people disappointed with no matter what we decide – so at this point, we just have to do what is right for us.

So, for now just assume it will be a destination wedding of some sort – my family going East or his family coming West. Check your calendar and start putting pennies aside if you would like to join us. Where ever that happens to be.

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My baby's growing up....

Ok, so he's not MY baby...but close enough. Anthony is the oldest son of one of my bestest buddies in the whole wide world (April), and he also happens to be my godson. Gosh I love this kid. It simply blows me away he/we are now in the stage of life to be talking colleges for him. Eek gad. Where has the last 17 years gone?

As a high school senior with only three months to graduation, he is smack in the middle of the college selection process. Conversations
over the last couple of months made me quickly realize I had no idea what went into picking the spot where you wanted to spend the next four years of your life. Of course, I can listen to his wishes and offer suggestions based on common sense, but I did not personally experience college life, as I chose to bypass higher education and jump straight into the working world. That was an easy decision for me 20 years ago as I hated school and never even considered continuing on. In fact, when I think about it now – I don’t regret my decision for a second (except for the social interactions I ‘might have’ missed). However, times are different now and a degree is almost requisite anywhere you go. College is a huge deal with so many factors tied to it.

First, figuring out if Anthony wanted to stay local and go to a junior college to start, if then – then does he go the State or the University route, how much funding did he need, and what did he want to major in? Then there are all the hoops you have to jump through to submit an application to the school(s) of your choice. How are your grades? What extracurricular activities are you involved in? Do you have letters of recommendation? Then add in the application fees. Holy cow. This past year has not only been a rollercoaster ride of emotions for Anthony, but for those around him. Especially me. I realized I should have been saving for the past 17 years to ensure he had a smooth ride. Bad ‘auntie’ I am. Had to buy those Louis Vuitton bags. Hmmmm. Wonder how much I can get for them on eBay these days?

Well thankfully, it did look like most of the stress was behind us as he had narrowed his decision down to two schools - San Francisco State and Westmont Christian college in Santa Barbara. Both semi-affordable. He had already checked out SF State and thought it would be cool to go there (I am sure simply due to the fact his favorite auntie – me - lives 10 minutes away and can spend the next four years spoiling him rotten). Of course, I would be thrilled as I would be able to spend more time with him. Since he had seen SF State, we thought it only
fair we take a road trip to kick Westmont’s tires and see if they would also be worthy of my godson.

So into the car piled Anthony, April and me. Five and a half hours later we hit the lovely
town of Santa Barbara, had a good lunch downtown (what up Carlito’s!) and then headed to the campus for a tour. Westmont College only holds this ‘Preview Days’ tour twice a year and we arrived to find over 50 other kids with their parents checking out the school with us. Wild. Hard for me to believe all these kids wanted to go to a small Christian college I have never heard of until recently. Why(?) I kept asking myself.

Looking at the agenda, we were in for a two day non-stop ‘rah rah’ that gave both the students and parents a sampling of college life. I will say Westmont pulled out all the stops.

We started the day with an introduction to the staff and one thing that caught my attention was a large percentage of the professors and their aides were Westmont alumni. Hmmm. That’s an interesting little tid bit. After the introductions they broke us off into small groups to take a tour around the campus. It is tucked away in the hills of Santa Barbara and the buildings were built to blend into the scenery. It is beautiful.

We came back to the main hall and were invited to have dinner with the students, so we headed over to the cafeteria and chowed down on chile rellenos, enchiladas and rice. Yummy. Westmont wanted the kids to experience living in a dorm which I thought was a great idea and gives them the opportunity to meet a lot of the existing students, so after dinner, the parents were free to hit the town while the prospective students pulled out their sleeping bags to stay the night on campus.

April and I drove downtown and found ourselves in The Endless Summer bar at the Harbor with a glass of wine in hand hoping it would help wind us down from the day. It didn’t (mostly as their wine selection was lacking in, oh what do you call it, oh yeah – good taste) so we headed back to our hotel bar where we found the environment we were looking for which included four lovely glasses of cabernet.

We took what was left in our glass to our room and spent the next couple of hours catching up on old times and making plans for new excursions. Perfect way to end our first day.

The next morning April and I grabbed a cup of coffee and a Jamba Juice and headed back up the hill to meet up with Anthony and attend an 8am class on Financial Aid. I don’t know if it was the three glasses of wine from the night before, or no solid food in my belly, but a Financial Aid class was not where I wanted to be at 8am. However, it was important and an important hour to focus on, so I sucked it up and got through it, actually learning some new things.

With a list of grants and scholarships in front of us – it was then time for Anthony to leave and attend a Communications class while we sat in on a parent panel. The panel consisted of two families who had kids at Westmont and one of the professors handling the Q&A. The parents talked about finding the finances, the ‘positive’ changes they have seen in their son/daughter (some almost immediately), and the overall experience they have had at Westmont. Of course, they were smitten with the school and were perfect to speak on Westmont’s behalf – but it did make me think this place did have a magical feel to it. I had sensed it the day before, but wouldn’t admit it as we walked around the campus.

Following the parent panel, we were scheduled to go to chapel. The college holds ‘chapel’ every Monday, Wednesday and Friday inside the gym (largest spot on campus) and schedules the classes around it to ensure the students can attend if they want. Wow. I had forgotten this was a Christian college. I have to go to chapel? Can’t I just sit outside and read for an hour? I mean, it had been a looooonnnnnngggg time since I had been to mass. I am no atheist, but I definitely do not put on my best duds every Sunday – unless of course - we are going out to dinner. What do we do? Do we sing? Do I need to buy a bible? I know, I am so stupid sometimes. I also soon found out mass is completely different than I remembered. It is ‘hip’ now, at least in my eyes.

April and I walked in and found kids dancing and singing and praising the Lord. I will admit – it was kind of groovy. We decided to head up the bleachers to get a birds’ eye view and see if we could find Anthony. It was powerful. The chapel was packed and everyone was rocking out. I was moved. I focused a bit and finally found Anthony on the other side of the gym. He looks so darn happy to be here.

After chapel we went back up to the main hall to sit in on an Admissions class. Anthony applied and has been accepted, so this was good to hear when confirmations needed to be received and if there was anything else we needed to do before he makes his decision final.

We decided to skip the rest of the afternoon – there were additional classes available for the students to attend, but Anthony had pretty much made up his mind. He didn’t need to see more. He was Westmont bound. Only thing left was to buy a lottery ticket so we had way to pay for it.  We also wanted to get a jump on the drive back as both April and Anthony needed to be home Friday night as they had early morning events on Saturday. So, a quick lunch downtown and back in the car we go arriving home about six hours later. Gosh darn I am pooped.

I am so excited for the journey ahead of Anthony. While I had been rooting for SF State the entire time, I came to the realization that Westmont might be exactly what Anthony needs. It is a tight knit community of less than 1200 students and a pretty diverse group of kids from all around the country. Their faith is placed first, but the academic program is meant to challenge the students and encourage original thought and discussions. Classrooms are smaller, ranging from 5-10 students, so there Anthony will never be able to sit in the back of a room and disengage himself (he would never do this, but nice to know this isn’t even an option at Westmont).

So it looks like I will be spending quite a bit of time in Santa Barbara over the next four years. For now though, I just need to remember what my eBay password is…I have some handbags to sell.

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