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Monday, April 23, 2007

Chris and Kristie: Episode #1

So everyone seems to be a buzz around UStream.tv, a new service where you can stream live video easily, without any real investment in equipment (we used the video camera in our laptop), that comes with a chat room as well to bring a little more interaction into the fold.

Anyway, Chris has been itching to do something together; a podcast, a video, something. So tonight, the decision was made to fire up UStream.tv, turn on Fox's 24, and have us a chat. Well, kind of. It is more like watch us, watching TV. Exciting right? Not really. But it was an interesting experiment to test the new service and see what all the fuss was about.

The funny thing about it is I wasn't expecting anyone to show up. But we posted the UStream.tv link on Twitter (a mini publishing tool I simply adore), and within minutes, several of our friends showed up to see what silliness we were partaking in. In fact, at the end of the session, we had 73 people stop by to take a view into our world. Totally crazy stuff. Well, thrilling and scary all at the same time.

Now mind you, this is our first creation. It is rough. In fact, the first four minutes are so painful even I was thinking of turning it off. But I think it got a little better as time went on. The format was odd as we were trying to watch the show, monitor the chat room and work a bit all at the same time, so there were moments where nothing was being said which is really hard to watch (in my opinion at least). So there is room to improve. Lots and lots of room.

Will we ever be famous for this? No. But it was fun to play with Heuer and test out the technology. I think UStream.tv is headed down the right path, but think this platform still has a long way to go. But it is a really good start.

Will we do this again? Absolutely. Not sure we will sit in front of the TV trying to watch a show again, but I am game for more experimentation and playing with the format/topic. Especially now that we have such a cool tag line for the show, compliments of our buddy Scott: Chris and Kristie, '...it's like Seinfeld, but less.'

I mean come on...we can't quit now. :)


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Best LinkedIn invite EVER

This morning I received an invite from a new buddy to hook up on LinkedIn.  Found it so refreshing than the general 'Hi, we met at _____ and I would like to stay connected' type invites...I had to share:

"LinkedIn will allow me to leverage your massive fame and numerous connections into piles of filthy lucre for myself. I will, of course, tell everyone that I owe it all to you...once in a while...maybe...as part of some pointless annecdote about marketing and the web and stuff...when I'm drunk."

I added him immediately.

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