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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Jenn and Chris seal the deal

Much love to my girl Jenn and her new wonderful huggable hubby, Chris.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. The bride stunning (I must have those shoes)!! The groom pure stud in his white linen suit.

I love you both and wish you all the best in your new life together. xoxoxoxo

Hair extensions + salt water = baldness

We are back from Jamaica and I came home with a very important lesson in hand. Learned the hard (and expensive) way, but learned nonetheless.

Hair extensions and salt water don't mix.

You see, I have been unsuccessfully trying to grow my hair out over the last year, but every time it got to that in-between stage (you know, the one where it no longer holds your style, but is not long enough to do anything with), I would go back in and cut it all off. So, I thought – why not try hair extensions. I had done this years ago and absolutely loved it, and it would be the perfect way to get through the next couple of hair growing grueling months.

So I did my research and found Pivocal in Sunnyvale – the website was ranked number one in the Bay Area and she seemed to have done quite a few applications so I set my appointment, bought my hair and spent hours in her chair trying to get the glam look. Well, the first try was unsuccessful. The hair she sold me became crunchy (yes, crunchy) within a week and felt fake, so we had to take it out and start all over again. Of course, her website states there are ‘no guarantees’ on the hair or the application, so I had to cough up more dough for a new batch of hair. This time though, we went with the high-end stuff (Russian virgin – I know, sounds silly, right?). But boy oh boy – does it look and feel good.

So off to Jamaica Chris and I go with my glam hair flowing in the wind. Then it happens. The second day we are there we had spent most of the time swimming in the ocean. We came in to shower for dinner and I end up with five extension stands entwined in my fingers as I am shampooing my nogin. Hmmm…that doesn’t seem right. Oh well, let’s just put those in my bag and we will deal with it when I get home. Day three – another two stands. Day four – I am swimming in the pool with my buddy Jen when she comes over to me with an extension strand in her hand. She said it had looked like a little water snake floating near the top. Now that is embarrassing. Day five – another two…and so on. By the end of the trip, I have lost 24 strands and have to keep my hair in a ponytail as I am almost ‘bald’.

So I am pissed. The extensions were supposed to last 2-3 months and it hadn’t even been 30 days. Of course, Pivocal will glue me back together – but for a fee. After all I have paid her to still not have the look I wanted, this seems wrong to me. When I asked her why I lost so much – she mentioned the salt water may not have been good for my extensions. Gee – you think? I had spent 14 hours in her chair between the two previous installations and mentioned on more than one occasion I was headed to Jamaica – she couldn’t have warned me about the possible hair loss before I set foot on the plane? Knowing this, I would have waited to do the application until after our trip. But no. Not a word from her beforehand. Only ‘pay me more and I will fix it’.

So I am done with Pivocal. She has a huge chunk of my money and I am left an unhappy customer. I am intentionally not linking to her as I do not wish to boost up her ranking any more – I merely give her company name to hopefully forewarn others out there not to use her services.

I am now debating whether or not to have them redone or pulled out completely and just suffer through the growing out stage naturally. I have found a really swell guy here in San Francisco (Damian at Hair Play) who did the extensions for a friend of mine and they look fabulous. So if I am going to redo them, Damian is my man. It only comes down to whether or not I can swallow the cost again as this is not an inexpensive process.

Guess it is time to buy a lotto ticket.

P.S. I have pictures of the clump of hair I lost and will post it later. I am sure you are dying to see it. :)

Media Relations is harder than I thought...

I told Chris I would handle the Media Relations piece for the next BrainJams event this Saturday 3Dec2005. Having done this in the past for my current employer, I figured this would be a slam dunk. Of course, the role is slightly different when assisting a non-profit start up, so the shopper in me has started the search for the most cost effective way to send a press release over the wire.

My company has a corporate account with BusinessWire. Not cheap, but I knew the people that needed to hear the news - did. Now I am faced with trying to find free/super inexpensive PR news sites that actually have good distribution services (critical) to maximize the handful of dollars we have to spend on these events.

I was able to track down PRWeb.com, PR.com and PRFree.com. None are perfect and two will take 2-3 days to post the release, but at least they are in my price range. Any other ideas?

I have also posted the events on Upcoming.org, CraigsList.org, Tribe.net, and EVDB.com in addition to sending an email to SFGate.com to add it to their calendar. Any other ideas for free event websites? I think we covered the biggies, but always interested to know what else is out there.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

We have the best catsitter in the world.

And trust me, we have gone through our fair share to finally find 'the one'. Her name is Amanda and she owns Nob Hill Posh Paws here in San Francisco.

I think there are people in this world who love cats and then there are people in this world who LOVE cats. Being one of the latter, I truly appreciate finding a kindrid spirit, as I know our babies are always in great hands.

Amanda also surprised us this trip with a blog starring our girls, which was just another way she goes above and beyond the 'others'. So, if you find yourself in need of a great guardian for your kids, give her a shout.

Friday, November 25, 2005

No longer President of the 'Spinsters Club'...

...as Chris proposed last night. What an unbelievable moment. In the middle of a dance floor, down on one knee with 300 people looking on, some of them my closest friends.

I was such a girl and cried.

More to follow, including photos - right now, all I want to do is get back to the hammock my 'fiance' is swinging in, wrap myself up in his arms and stare up at the Jamaican stars.

I swear this is a magical place...

Saturday, November 19, 2005


So I finally had my day on a golf course. I have tried several times over the last couple of years to play with the big boys, but my softball swing has prevented me from being called up to the 'show'. Then it happened.

It was a simple 9-hole course. It was humid. I was chopping the heck out of the ball. After 4 holes, I was hitting 20 over par, but hey, it was my first time ever on the greens, so I was happy I had only lost one ball.

We stroll up to the 5th hole. There is a HUGE waterway between me and the yellow flag. Both Chris and his grandpa are suggesting I take the 'girlie' route and shoot around it as I am sure to lose a ball or four trying to hit over it. I figure what the heck - no guts no glory, right? So I line up at the tee. 5 iron in my hand. Chris fires up the camera to document my embarassment. Now that is love. :)

So, I look at the flag one more time for good measure, take a big swing and pow! I stand frozen as I watch the wind carry my little white round friend up and way - and I feel like I am imersed in the middle of a ketchup commerical (you know 'anticipaaaaaation...'). Though as 'luck' would have it, I cleared the waterway with ease - and oh look, I think I hit it farther than either of you boys. Is it wrong that makes me feel so good?

Sadly - my euphoria is short lived. The 6th hole took me out as I shot an 11 on a par 4.

And, we don't need to discuss what my swing looks like. I got the ball over the water. That's all that matters. However, if anyone knows a good golf coach, I would appreciate your passing along his/her number. You know, in case my 'friend' has a need.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'd like lime with my Corona please.

I can't wait. In a mere 12 hours I will be jetting off for a tropical vacation. Well, actually, in 3 days and 12 hours (stopping off in Miami first for a couple of days to play with the supermodels).

My buddy Jenn decided to tie the old ball and chain to her boy Chris on the white sands of Jamaica, so a bunch of us are headed there for a weeklong retreat. Should be amazing. The resort we are staying at,
Couples Swept Away, is on the 7-mile beach of Negril and I hear the pictures don't do it justice. NOTE: the picture I used on this post is from our trip to Costa Rica (in Tamarindo) last year and was taken by my fabulous boyfriend. Beautiful shot, but it too, does not capture the beauty of that place - we definitely need to go back there again. HoHum, so many places to see - so little money to spend.

I am currently in the middle of packing - wondering where my shorts are and if I am bringing enough swimsuits. Don't even get me started on what shoes to pack. Did I close all my projects at work? Gosh, what else did I need to do for the
BrainJams event before I left?

Geez...vacations are supposed to be relaxing. Think I will sleep with my sound machine set to 'ocean' tonight to get me ready.

And a big 'thank you' to Amanda, our housesitter/petsitter, for watching over the liquor in our bar and our precious kitties. Oh and sweetie, just make sure your parties don't go too late. Neighbors can be a tad touchy after 2am...and stay out of the GOOD wine. Drink all the 2 buck Chuck we have, but the Silver Oak is mine. :)

Whole Foods supports BrainJams

Whole Foods ('WF') should be the grocery store of choice for everyone who eats. Heck, if you need shampoo, pick it up here as well - they have an amazing selection to ensure your noggin is as well taken care of as the rest of your body. And it doesn't matter what WF store I spend my money in, I always receive great customer service and a warm smile. Thank you WF for setting such a good example.

I would like to send a special shout out to Jose and Gary in the catering department at the Palo Alto store for coming up with a $50 gift card, and becoming the newest patron for the next
BrainJams event on December 3rd in Menlo Park. I made requests to three major grocery chains and WF is the only one who has agreed (so far) to work with us, even though our non-profit filing had not been completed yet (seems to be a sticking point with some). Thank you fellas. I truly appreciate the support.

Now, the other two might still come through as I don't give up that easily. If they do, I will most certainly give them props, but WF will remain my favorite. Well, unless their donation is HUGE, then they might have a chance to be at the top of my list. Yes, that's right. I can be bought. For a good cause that is. Nah, who am I kidding. My love is not for sale. WF rocks and even though it is all the way across town from my house, I am willing to make that drive as they support the community as all corporations should. It is called 'giving back'. What a concept.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Don't let the crazy people get to you

When finishing the last post, I realized the need for the yang to my yin.

All of us have encountered narcissists in our lifetime, and if you haven't - you are one of the lucky few. If there are people in your life sucking your energy in a negative manner or not giving you the same love you share with them - walk away. I have made some really hard decisions about the friends I keep, but I am better for it in the long run.

Tell me you love me

On Sunday night, Chris and I attended the services of my friend's mother who lost her battle with brain cancer. What a wicked disease. The only good thing I can say about this cancer is it fortunately gave the family the time they needed to say goodbye and to get everything in order before Diane's untimely passing.

Of course, as most of us have learned the hard way - you never have near enough time to say goodbye to the ones you love. So reach out to those around you and tell them how much you adore them. Share the positive effects they have had on your life. Do this daily if possible. Pick up the phone, write a letter (or a blog), send some snail mail. Just do it. Your love will make a positive change on someone else's day.

Take chances. Share your love. Life is too short to worry about the consequences.

I love you 'D'. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and I am here if you need anything - anything at all.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I can justify ANY purchase now.

Handbags (and shoes) are my kryptonite. I have no self-control when I see a great looking handbag or a snazzy new pair of shoes, and they usually end up in my closet making friends with the other items sitting in there with the tags still on.

I used to think this was a problem. However, this past weekend, my recent impulse buy gave me the opportunity to expand my social circle and made me a couple of new friends (hi Zoe and Assaf!). Seems Zoe was smitten with the bag dangling from my arm and came over to let me know my credit card debt was worth it. I thought, well, that was sweet. Nice to find a fellow bag addict, I mean fashonista. So I owe a big 'thank you' to my Mary Frances bag for introducing me to two cool people I look forward to hanging out with a bit more.

So there. I knew it would pay off eventually. Chris cannot say anything now...well, he can...but I/we are always looking for new fun people to play with in this great city of ours, and knowing people 'might' actually be watching what I wear, I need to hit the stores. Ok honey, just kidding. I promise to pace myself...no more than two handbags per month. Unless there is a sale - then maybe I can squeeze in three.

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I admit it. I am addicted. I need a fix.

My name is Kristie and I am addicted to blogging. It has been four days since my last post. Whew - there, I feel better now. I don't know why I haven't put anything into the blogosphere - Lord knows there has been a bunch going on personally as well as in the news. Maybe that is the problem - there is too much to talk about and it becomes a full time job if you let it.

Well, that has all come to an end, as I am back and ready to share with the world. So much to say, so much to do...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

There is no 'I' in TEAM

Sorry for the overused cliche in the title, but I think it totally fitting here.

So it seems Terrell Owens has managed to piss off another team and is tentatively done for the season. I say ‘good riddens’. Being a 49er fan (yes, I still believe), I have seen the effects of his bad attitude on fellow teammates and was happy to see him traded to Philly. In less than a years time - he has burned his quarterback, his coach, his team.

Why do we allow people like this to continue to infect others with their poisonous ways? When does talent trump attitude? Do you think you can verbally destroy a coworker one day and then show up the next day expecting everyone to be at peek performance and supportive of you?

No. Stop the madness. I think everyone is expendable. Yes, even me. (But, shhhhh. Don’t let my boss hear me say that). If you are working in a team environment with a ‘me’ attitude – everyone loses. Yes, Terrell is an amazing wide receiver – but so is Jerry Rice and he has managed to get through his career with poise, grace, and the respect of his teammates - not to mention a stat card that anyone would be jealous of.

There is a huge difference between being confident and being cocky. Remember you are part of a team and everyone is there with the same goal. To win. To do well. To make their mark on this world. Doesn’t matter if you are on the football field or in a boardroom, remember to play nicely or you may find yourself sitting on the sidelines.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

California special elections: please vote

We have special elections coming up in two days and the talk is not many people are expected to turn out. What a shame. Up for grabs are eight important measures covering medical, educational, social and financial areas that deserve our attention - so please get out there and exercise your right to vote.

So, I am getting ready to do my civic duty and decided a little research was in order. Always better to go in prepared, right? I pull out the booklet sent from the Secretary of State's office and stare at it in disbelief. Only eight measures and yet there are 77 pages to read. Eek, guess I know how I am spending my Sunday morning.

And even though I see it has been printed on recycled paper, I start wondering about all the money spent to hold this special election, the commericals, the the signage all over town, the salaries for the people putting this booklet together, etc. That leads me into thinking about the bigger picture of spending for political campaigns as a whole and then I realize I can't get all caught up in that right now - it is not even 8am. I need to focus on what is in front of me and deal with the rest - say on Monday.

So waiting for the coffee pot to finish brewing, I start reading page one.

Nordstrom does a customer good.

Being in Sales and Marketing my entire adult life has made me insanely aware of the importance in keeping your customers happy. If you want to own a successful business, take care of your customer base as they should always feel that their happiness is your life’s goal. Whatever they need - get it. If you can’t, find someone who can. If they reach out to you, make sure you respond in a timely manner. Sure it seems like common sense, but so many corporations lose sight of this as they watch their bottom line and focus solely on the creation of new customer accounts. They wake up one day realizing too late that their existing customers needed love too.

Nordstrom has taken this philosophy and one-upped itself. They are truly ‘in the zone’ when it comes to customer satisfaction. It has taken me a few years to learn this, but sometimes it is worth while to pay a little more for an item as you know you won’t have a problem if you need to take it back. Class act they are. Thank you Nordstrom – hopefully corporate America will catch on one day that you can treat your clients with love and respect and still make money too…

Then there are the others…I have had some really wretched customer service experiences, and most of them with Marshalls (discount clothing store). There is a corporation who needs to take a step back and rethink their business model, as I am sure I am not the only one with this complaint. There can be 10 people in line waiting for customer service/or to do a return and one person in the purchase line, and all their focus is on the one purchaser. Sure, I understand. Help the ones spending the money, not looking for money back. But what a sour taste you leave in my mouth. Because I have experienced this more times than I cared too, they have officially lost me as a customer. Maybe I deserve shotty customer service as I chose to shop in your store knowing I would spend less for an item than I would have at a Nordstom.

Is that true? Do we always need to pay premium for an item in order to receive good customer service? If so, there goes the days of my shopping sprees as Lord knows I can't afford my own taste at regular retail prices. Or is it simply a staffing issue, good training -vs- no training? Hmmmm....I will have to start making mental notes when I am out and about. My gut makes me lean towards the latter - but I think I need to do some more shopping, I mean research, before I can be sure.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

BrainJams, BarCamp, TagCamp, Gnomedex, etc. – one big happy family

We had a gathering at our house last night to discus the next BrainJams event scheduled for December 3rd. One of the action items was to determine what exactly we wanted ‘BrainJams’, the organization, to be. Are we a non-profit event management company helping others around the world put on their own events while ensuring the conversations are captured, shared and stored in an online library of some sorts – or – are we simply a workshop enabling people to get together to share ideas and then collaborating on building the software solutions?

What came out of it was finally realizing we should –or- need to be both. Cool. This shall be a fun ride.

I think the beauty of the
BrainJams events is that we don’t compete with the Camps out there – we compliment them – and I look forward to working with the other lovecats running each one to see how we can funnel the user wish list created during the BrainJams into their Camp, and then watching the technical gurus build new or enhance existing technology to make the lives of the users much easier.

As for the event management company side of things, I am truly excited about what lies ahead. I see value in not only helping to make sure these type of events (
BrainJams, BarCamps, TechCrunch, Gnomedex, Webzine, and TagCamps alike) happen around the globe, but in also educating people how to run an effective event. It is not rocket science to throw a bunch of people in the room and let them talk, but some events have a great following while others do not – so why not share the best practices from all who have done this successfully before, and will continue to do so after us, etc. to guarantee you and those attending your event obtain what they came in the front door for (if possible).

The goal is to spread the love. So, another key element will be the collection of the knowledge shared from each event, which will then be housed in a central ‘database’ which can be easily queried. This will enable people from around the world to benefit from the events even if they are not able to personally attend them. This will require the most work within the BrainJams organization, so I am putting the request out into the community to support the cause, make our lives a tad bit easier and share the notes from all the Jams and Camps around the globe. We will provide information on how to do this on the BrainJams
wiki shortly, so stay tuned.

If we work together, we can change the world - one user at a time.

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‘Work’ is a four letter word.

I am big on reputation. I am true to my word. I hold myself accountable for my actions. If you give me a job to do, I do it. If I can’t, I will tell you why. There has never been a question with regards to my work ethic or devotion to the company paying my bills. Well, there better not be…

So it infuriates me when I see the system being abused. And I see the effect it has on the morale of others who work hard as they watch someone goofing off. This makes me want to knock that goofer-offer down. Hard. I might even kick them a few times, just for good measure.

Now, I am the first to admit that I would like to work less and earn more. Please. Who wouldn’t? In fact, if you know of a gig that would let me make $250k per year (base) and only have to work three hours a week - please send that on to me - well, unless it is illegal. I do have standards you know.

I also know this is a pipe dream, as most companies require you produce something for your keep, so I am happy to give my current employer a large chunk of my week in return for ‘appropriate’ compensation. I may not choose to work conventional hours (the 8-5 gig is too regimented for me), but I work hard, and I work fast, and I can sleep at night knowing my company is getting their money’s worth from me.

The world is full of good people willing to work hard to help their company succeed, so where do these goofer-offers or bad apples come from? How do they infiltrate our well-oiled machines? Why aren't they seen for what they are? How can they still believe in this day and age that you don’t have contribute to the team - you can simply punch your time card and play solitaire all day at the office? Is our generation so used to having things handed to them that working even a 30-hour week seems like it is too much? Has the notion that ‘I’ll work just enough to skate by’ become the norm? Are we all just killing time until we hit that next big thing? Gosh, I hope not.

Maybe I have just been ‘lucky enough’ to be privy to a handful of rare cases of abuse by a few bad apples who have yet to be knocked on their ass by reality. Wow, that was a run on sentence. And, unfortunately, this sort of behavior is not isolated. No matter what the industry or position, I seem to find these sorts of people everywhere.

This brings up a few interesting questions to consider. If you see this type of abuse in your company - should you blow the whistle or simply turn the other way and ignore it? Does choosing one option or the other define who you are as a person? Would blowing the whistle create more tension in the office or alleviate it? What happens if it falls on deaf ears because you have blown the whistle too many times and people stop listening to you (think Red Riding Hood). What happens to your reputation and/or credibility then? Is it worth you putting your neck out based solely on principle? Or do you just suck it up and focus on the work in front of you while others abuse the good graces of those who do all the work?

I like to fight for the underdog. I practice what I preach - well, most of the time. I want the morale within the company I work for to be positive and everyone as happy as they can be. Big task, but I do what I can to achieve harmony in the workplace. So you bad apples - be forewarned. People are watching. They are aware. If you are being paid to do a certain job - do it. With everything you have in you. Give people the opportunity to be proud of what you do instead of cursing you behind the scenes. If we all carry a certain level of work ethics with us wherever we go, the world would be a much better place for it.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

SAVE THE DATE: BrainJams Event on 12/03/05

I am excited to announce the next BrainJams event is scheduled for Saturday, December 3rd and will be held at the SRI facility in Menlo Park. A big 'thank you' to David Gutelius and the folks over at SRI for lending their space to us for the day - they are a good group doing good things and we truly appreciate their support.

If you find yourself asking what a BrainJam is - allow me to explain - it is a knowledge event in which we get software developers, VCs and end users together to share ideas and collaborate with the hopes it increases awareness and usefulness of the 'Web 2.0' technologies. We like the VCs there as it helps the moolah moving around Silicon Valley find a home.

This all day event will provide 1:1 networking opportunities, solution demonstrations, focus groups and maybe even a little song and dance. Who knows. We like to fly by the seat of our pants and don't believe in hard set agendas as this event is meant to free flow with little guidance - we are simply here to ensure the lights work in the meeting rooms so you can see who you are talking to.

We will follow up the BrainJam with a fabulous after party at a location which has yet to be determined - but will most likely be the BBC as they have good pints of beer on tap and well, it is close by.

The BrainJams wiki is currently being updated, so please bear with us, we are a small group of people who have to work full time jobs to pay the rent so things might take a day longer than we like. In the meantime, if you would to know more about where this idea came from and who we think we are - check out the BrainJams and/or the Web2point1 sites for all the juicy tid bits.

We are also planning a national tour, so stay tuned for those details. The idea is to take the event on the road to ensure it is not just the Bay Area talking (ode to Brian) to each other - but the nation talking and collaborating. Big goals for sure, but I think ones that can be accomplished. I mean heck - I am blogging. Who would have thunk THAT was possible.

So save the date (12/03/05) and we hope you'll join us for the Jam.

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Alito -vs- Women on the left and those of us in the middle too...

I am blown away by Bush's nomination of Judge Samuel Alito and how he has managed to do a total 180-degree turn of the caliper of his nominees in such a short amount of time. I am sure he realized his mistake with Miers (or was her nomination actually a set up to help push the Alito nomination through?) and needed to make his clan on the right happy. Yes Alito has served on the federal appeals court for 15 years so at least the experience is there (where Miers it was completely absent) – but if this nomination is confirmed – Bush has succeeded in making the court less diverse and far more conservative.

All of us should be scared.

On the day of the Alito nomination, I saw a quote from Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass) that I believe sums it up pretty well:

"Rather than selecting a nominee for the good of the nation and the court, President Bush has picked a nominee whom he hopes will stop the massive hemorrhaging of support on his right wing. This is a nomination based on weakness, not strength."

Among Alito’s noteworthy opinions was his lone dissent in the 1991 case of Planned Parenthood v. Casey, in which the 3rd Circuit struck down a Pennsylvania law that included a provision requiring women seeking abortions to notify their spouses. He said, “The Pennsylvania legislature could have rationally believed that some married women are initially inclined to obtain an abortion without their husbands’ knowledge because of perceived problems — such as economic constraints, future plans, or the husbands’ previously expressed opposition — that may be obviated by discussion prior to the abortion.” While I agree with open dialogue between partners, the woman has a right to choose whether or not to carry the baby. Married or not. Yes, the appropriate thing to do is consult with her husband, but do not assume all women will and do not make a law requiring she do so. Well, I guess there is no question where I stand.

So if Alito’s nomination is accepted, we will have ourselves a nice little old boys club, and while Alito says he is not going to the bench with a political agenda – I have a hard time believing him.

We need to voice our opposition (assuming you agree) to his nomination and ask that the bench to be inclusive to ensure a greater understanding from the people making decisions that affect the lives of individuals and families in the United States. If the Court does not represent the diversity of society at large, how can we believe they will be impartial?

Justice O’Conner has done an amazing job in reviewing each case individually and voting based on merits, not on political beliefs, but I believe she might be a rare kind of people. Is there another solid, experienced, well-rounded woman who leans slightly to the left who can replace O’Conner and ensure true diversity on the bench? I do not normally believe in someone securing a job solely based on gender or race, but I think in this situation, I am willing to make an exception - with a sidebar that asks for prior bench experience too.

I found another interesting quote from Madame Justice Bertha Wilson who was the first woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada. She has attempted to explain the differences between men and women in their approach to the judicial task. She said: “Men see moral problems as arising from competing rights; the adversarial process comes easily to them. Women see moral problems as arising from competing obligations, the one to the other; the important thing is to preserve relationships, to develop an ethic of caring. The goal, according to women’s ethical sense, is not seen in terms of winning or losing but, rather, in terms of achieving an optimum outcome for all individuals involved in the moral dilemma. It is not difficult to see how this contrast in thinking might form the basis of different perceptions of justice.”

Hmmmmm. Right or wrong, it makes you think just a bit doesn’t it?

So, I don’t know if appointing more women to the bench will miraculously transform the law and its application. Maybe female judges will bring the same impartiality and neutrality in judging that their male counterparts do – maybe not. But I would like the opportunity to find out. I will require though as mentioned above – our female nominee(s) need to bring a resume highlighting prior judicial experience and a legacy that shows they have a clear understanding of the constitution and all the rights that come along with it.