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Friday, September 28, 2007

Florida Trip, Part I - BlogOrlando

Home from the BlogOrlando conference, and I need to tip the proverbial hat to Josh Hallet. He did a great job not only in structuring the conference to provide diverse topical tracks, but also by bringing in some of my favorite people to share their stories/best practices, and then filling the seats with a good mix of both seasoned bloggers and those new to the ‘sport’ to make for a well-rounded crowd in the room.

Josh also went out of his way to entertain the out of town guests by setting up day trips to Kennedy Space Center (‘KSC’) and Epcot – both great ways to experience the goodness of Orlando.

I had a good time catching up with old friends, meeting up face:face with some of my ‘online’ buddies (finally) and chatting with Orlandians to hear what they are doing to help bring that community together.

We took a lot of photos, but thanks to our Canon SLR not wishing to work anymore, most of them did not turn out well. Ack. Bums me out as I would like to have had some good photos from Heuer’s closing keynote (which, biased or not, I thought was brilliant) to use on his website, but at least we got it on video (coming soon) so all was not lost.

Josh is not sure if there will be a BlogOrlando III, but if there is, count on us being there.