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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Media Relations is harder than I thought...

I told Chris I would handle the Media Relations piece for the next BrainJams event this Saturday 3Dec2005. Having done this in the past for my current employer, I figured this would be a slam dunk. Of course, the role is slightly different when assisting a non-profit start up, so the shopper in me has started the search for the most cost effective way to send a press release over the wire.

My company has a corporate account with BusinessWire. Not cheap, but I knew the people that needed to hear the news - did. Now I am faced with trying to find free/super inexpensive PR news sites that actually have good distribution services (critical) to maximize the handful of dollars we have to spend on these events.

I was able to track down PRWeb.com, PR.com and PRFree.com. None are perfect and two will take 2-3 days to post the release, but at least they are in my price range. Any other ideas?

I have also posted the events on Upcoming.org, CraigsList.org, Tribe.net, and EVDB.com in addition to sending an email to SFGate.com to add it to their calendar. Any other ideas for free event websites? I think we covered the biggies, but always interested to know what else is out there.

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Blogger GoGoGetter said...

Heya - Thanks to you and your partners for arranging what sounds to be an ambitious event. I will be in attendance. I found out about it through Squidlist, but when I went seeking for it on Tribe, I didn't find a solid enough presence. That event notice you submitted, you truly want to link it to as many related (or loosely related) tribes as possible to boost it's visibility...maybe even submit it as a listing additionally. Just my $.2


2:09 PM

Blogger Kristie Wells said...

Thanks Shawn,

I am a novice in the Tribe community, so I guess I need to play closer attention next time. Thanks for the advice and please make sure you say hello on Saturday!

4:42 PM


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