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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Drupal is kicking my ass

I know this will be a shocker to most, but, I am not a techie. I know, I know. I hide it well. I can talk it up with the best of them and I know it looks like I am using all the hot tools. Well, ok - maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration and you are all probably on to me as I havent' finished setting up my Dodgeball account and I can't remember what the heck my Bloglines password is to get the RSS feed running. But! I do blog, I am a Flickr user, and I use Upcoming.org to post all our BrainJams events. I even started to master Wikis. It is a good start of the Web 2.0 tools I think.

Then along comes Drupal. Now, I know it is supposed to make my life easier, but I must admit - this software is kicking my ass and I am cursing the day Chris brought it into our house for the BrainJams community site. What he seems to be able to do so easily - I sit for hours banging on the keyboard and pulling my hair out - and still can't get it to work right.

My tasks are simple - set up event and book pages to start. Ok, sounds easy I say. Alas, when I sign in and try to set up bullets for certain items, add lines inbetween sections and bold titles, it all bunches together into one paragraph. ARGH!!!!!!!!! Doesn't matter if I import it from Word or type directly into the page - it never formats correctly.

And of course, I am supposed to be helping Chris out, so the last thing I need to do is keep interrupting him everytime it goes haywire as that is not very productive. And even though I have Will's cell phone, I can't call him everything it crashes.

Maybe I ought to buy the book and learn it the old fashioned way,but this would mean I would have time to learn it and quite frankly, I don't as I am already scrapping for hours in the day.

So there must be another way. Guess I should do some research and see if there is a crash course offered for those of us who learn by watching someone do it once, in lieu of reading it on paper.

Come on technologists - make it easy for those us still wet behind the technology ears to learn this stuff. I get that it is cool - but I can't use it!

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