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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Oh no. Not the 'B' word.

I have real contempt for the words 'bikini wax', but it seems there is another word that I can't stand even more, and it is sure to suck every bit of joy out of my body...BUDGET. Yes world - it seems Kristie and Chris need to be a little more mindful of the dollars we spend on a daily basis as we need to re-build our rainy day, sunny day, and even the foggy day fund. Blah!

Funny, as I never thought I would ever need to put controls on myself - let alone another human being - but looking at the year ahead and the possibility I may be out of a job in six months - I realize that money does not grow on trees and I need to quit buying handbags and shoes, and we both need to stop buying expensive wine.

I think the final kicker for me was sitting down last weekend in Tahoe with my buddy Petrina, who happens to be an event planner by trade, and nailing down the
actual expenses of our wedding. $750 for flowers? $1,000 for invitations? $11,000 for the site fee? How much for the catering bill? Eek gad. Somehow my $15,000 budget for a low key 'beach wedding' has been expanded to $36,000 (and this does not include our honeymoon which is sure to run another $15,000 as we bike our way through Tuscany). Crap. So much for destination weddings being inexpensive - that eloping thing is sounding better and better all the time.

Of course, I tell my consort it is all his fault as he wanted a nice upscale reception instead of my proposed pig roast and kegger. This I say to him as I am looking at those friggin bridal magazines and tearing out dresses I like, which all happen to be in the $4k price range. Oh Lord. Girl must grasp reality quick or there will be no wedding.

So, I realize it is ok. We can do it. Good things come to those who wait they say. I don't really need another handbag. I have enough strappy sandals. We can eat at home five nights a week. I am sure that $10 bottle of cabernet tastes just as yummy as that $60 bottle.
Am I really saying this?

I know there are some expenses in our future which could cause a little chaos with our checkbooks, but if we are smart, neither of us has to find a second or third job (I might just be finding a new first job, but that is ok as there is not too much pressure there), we just need to curb the impulse buyers within us and stay strong for a couple of months.

So, if we seem a little more crabby...you will know why.

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