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Monday, July 17, 2006

Aloha. And aloha.

Just when I thought we had it dialed in...POOF. The wedding location of our dreams (well, close enough to I should say) dissipates before our eyes and it seems Maui is no longer an option for us.

The owner of the house we thought we had locked in realized this is not only a special date (07/07/07), but the weekend is close enough to the Fourth of July so now he has decided he won't rent the house to us for less than seven days as it is now considered 'holiday rates'. At $6,000 per night - we simply can't afford it. Well, we can. But I refuse to spend that kind of money.


I know, I know. Harsh language. But we had a deal. I was ready to sign the papers. I had lined up the caterer. My friends were already checking flights (obviously, you should stop shopping for tickets now).

It was the one place that Chris and I bought felt was 'right' and now I can't believe I am back to the search again. ARRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

Sure there are other places on Maui that are lovely, but this house seemed to be everything I had hoped our day would be - modern, simple, elegant, homey, luxurious, comfortable. I have spent the last couple of days searching for a replacement and nothing else seems to be able to stand up to it, and honestly, if we are going to spend the kind of money we are talking about spending - I want it to be scrumptuous.

It just sucks.

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