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Friday, July 14, 2006

I love when a band surprises me

I love the Foo Fighters. I mean, really love the Foo Fighters.

I love how creative they get in their videos. I love the lyrics to their songs. I love how crazy they can get on the stage (the boys can really rock out). I love watching Dave Grohl interact with the crowd during concerts. I love how everytime I see them - I find myself dreaming about what it would be like to sit around a camp fire sucking back beers and shooting the shit with them. I know, I know. I am a goofball. :)

And I love how one time I see them they are hard core rockers bouncing all over the stage - and the next time they are sitting on the stage with a mini orchestra, playing the same music - acoustically. And the acoustic is good people. Really good. Especially when Dave belted out my favorite song, Everlong. Wow. He really blew me away. And I will admit, I was a tad bit surprised just how good the acoustic set was. But I am now a believer.

Both concerts left me wanting more. Both made me realize I need to see them EVERY time they roll into town. Rocking. Acoustic. Whatever. I am a Foo lover forever.

Photo Credit: Chris Heuer

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